Christian Marienfeld
Christian Marienfeld



Diplom Kommunikationsdesigner
& Digital Developer

Mobile-Apps, Content-Management-Systeme
Business Enterprise Solution, Web-to-Print
API Systems, Native Programs
and everything you need!

Hello World!

This famous saying encounters a technique affine people very often and is met me early on. Since I was fascinated by this area and not let go until today.

In the meantime, may I help large companies and small start-ups with advice and as a developer with my skills. These include, from product development to full automation shop / e-commerce solutions with analog inventory and accounting software. Over the years, the theme apps and websites adjustments for smartphones has become increasingly important and is being implemented in all projects from the beginning. In order to implement larger customer projects that require a more-person team, I enjoy working with other partners to getting the best problem solution for the customer to offer. Here I draw from a pool of experienced colleagues or seeking competent partner for a specific implementation.

You are welcome to contact me.


This is a really cool project. I'm working on a new CSS editor for web workers.
The application is still under construction, but I will publish it soon!

Open Web Space

A series of lectures about digital products from berlin. Thanks to the design academy berlin, it is possible to organize this event regularly provide. In the new location at the Aufbauhaus at Moritzplatz there are always new and exciting presentations to various services and projects of the speakers.


We as Crossdesigner believe in the interdisciplinary work between designer and programmer.
In our German-language podcast we discuss frequent this way of working, and many other topics.



To escape the recurring blog layout but still not compromising on the comforts
of a good cms / cck, I decided to programm the bakery for joomla.
It makes it very easy to edit the contents of your site and still allow a varying layout.


I am of course also be found on github.